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A pen holder of Tiz from the storybook 'Tiz and Ott's Big Draw' (Bridget Marzo, Tate Publishing).

Digitally sculpted in Zbrush and 3D printed in plastic.

Tiz has a poseable head, which connects to the body with a clickjoint, both parts print 100% support free on a standard desktop 3D printer. Get the files for Tiz here.


T"Tiz and Ott are drawing themselves a house. With the scritch scratch of her crayon, Tiz busily plants some seeds for the garden. Meanwhile Ott lies back lazily and makes a huge splodge for the sun. Then Tiz has a big idea. With a zig, a zag and a crash, she jolts Ott awake with a huge bolt of lightning! Together Tiz and Ott whip up a storm but as they soon find out, a storm isn't just lines on a page..."

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