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Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

Dimensions : 180mm x 160mm x 45mm
Year: 2021

3D Printed Wall Plaque

Keep pests at bay with this 3D printable, wall-mountable, carnivorous pitcher plant. Mount by your garden table, vegetable patch, or window box using the integrated fitting. made in collaboration with illustrator Russell Taysom.

Print your own Carnivorous Pitcher Plant.

The design prints in two parts - the pitcher plant, and the leafy backboard. Both parts print with no need for support. They snuggly fit together, no need for glue or screws - and once assembled can be wall mounted with the integrated fitting on the back - voila - you’re good to go.

Fill with a sweet liquid (such as water mixed with jam or the last dregs of a beer) - bugs, creepies and pests are attracted to the scent,

get caught in the Pitcher Plant, and meet their maker!

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