On this page you will find selected projects I have contributed to as a freelance digital artist.

To enquire about rates and availability send me a email.

3D Scanning

Typically using structured light 3D scanning - or if a projects calls for it, photogrammetry - I have been digitising physical spaces and objects since 2016.

Visuals created for EP launch of 'Seasick In Salts' from London based band Uh! Created using structured light 3D scanning and Zbrush. (2020)

Dom + Finn Facing In Chromatic outline.jpg
Finn + Dome White BG Chromatic outline.jpg

Eight hi-definition rocks produced using photogrammetry. Created for Uta Kögelsberger's multimedia Rock Concert Project (2020) shown at Array Festival, The Albany Theatre, Deptford 2020.

8 Scanned Rocks Front Black BG.jpg

3D Printing Projects

3D printable watermarks, part of a on-going research and development project with paper conservator Heather Murhpy at the British Library. Article detailing the project can be found here.


Images above: 3D-printed watermarks applied onto a paper mould to test their efficiency in the papermaking process. This allowed conservators  to adapt and study elements of existing designs.

A pen holder of Tiz from the storybook 'Tiz and Ott's Big Draw' (Bridget Marzo, Tate Publishing).

Digitally sculpted in Zbrush. Printed in plastic.


Amy Winehouse Poseable Bust. Digitally sculpted in Zbrush. Printed in plastic and resin editions.

amy front iso.jpg
amy head and body.jpg

Berolina 1:24 Scale Statue. Comission for Little Big City Berlin. Designed to be 3D printed in resin.

For MDM Props and Merlin Entertainment.



Berolina in 1937, outside Alexanderplatz station, Berlin.

Designed in 1889 (originally in the plaster, then later cast into bronze) the 7.5m statue was damaged in the barricade fights of the German Revolution in1918/19. The nearby Berolinahaus, built in 1929–32 was named after the statue. Dismantled on 26 August 1942, the statue is thought to have been melted down in 1944 for war purposes.

berolina sketch render iso.jpg
berolina front sketch white.png

Lion & Hippo Childrens Coat Hook. Animals sculpted in Zbrush, backboard and fittings modelled in Fusion360. Printed in plastic.


Monster Lab Playset. Digitally modelled in Fusion360 for 3D printing in plastic.

The Volterizer prints is in two parts - the first is a single piece which contains two moving parts - a dial and a lever. The second piece is the electro currents, which clip onto the conductors.

The Sonic Radar w/Rotating Dish also prints in two parts - the first a single piece with an internal rotating structure - the second is a clip-on satellite dish.

Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 14.57.09.png