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Simulacrum Front
Simulacrum Right Iso Detail.jpg

Simulacrum on display at 'Island of Lost Souls' exhibition, OneFourSeven Stoke Newington High Street, June 2022

Simulacrum Sculpture

Dimensions : Large 300mm x 300mm x 250mm | Small135mm x 135mm x 115mm
Year: 2021/2022

Edition of 30

Hand painted resin 3D Print, collaboration with Kimatica Studio.

"Exploring the “Meta” identity of a media performance, this performative sculpture captures a scene from the Kimatica show “Simulacrum”. Through the use of photogrammetry 3D scanning, the performer was transformed first into a VR art piece, and secondly into a 3D printed sculpture. The performer is in a relaxed meditative position, wearing our iconic multi-faced headpiece that captures deep human emotion, inspiring the audience to connect with their inner world." - Kimatica Studio

Final top down.jpg

The digital edition of Transcendence was originaly shown as part of an online and VR exhibition 'Levitations' at the National Gallery X, London in September 2020.

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